Frequently questions

» Why do I choose Mariska Hungary Ltd?

The primary consideration for us is that our Custumers be fully satisfied with our services. Our strenth are precision, reliability, cost-effective approach in line with the needs of our partners. We are available 24 hours a day for our custumers ensuring a smooth and efficient work.

» What type of cargo`s transportation does the company undertake?

We transport any cargo that can solved with legal transportation: boxed, packaged,palletized, frosted, bulk shipment, dangerous and non-dangerous waste.

» How could I ask for a quotation?

You can ask for quotation on the phone and on our website too. You need to give the most important details of the transport (the type of the cargo, the parameters of the cargo, the date of the transport, the exact loading and unloading places). After this we prepare Your individual quotation shortly.

» What do I have to do if I am not sure which shipping method is the most suitable for me?

About the shipping methods please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the ideal solution for You. You have the opportunity to compare more offer to make easier the choice between the different shipping methods.

» What is the next step after a successful agreement?

In that case You have found our offer suitable You need to fill in an agreement and send back to us. We get in touch with the sender and the consignee and inform You about the cargo`s way.

» What is the guarantee that the cargo will get there to the marked address?

Each shipment has an individual numbered international shipment waybill. This confirmes the dispatch and the delivery. Also we prepare an invoice for every transportation fee. With these document we can identifies all shipment clearly.

» In what way will be the cargo ensuring?

All vehicle that does road (international) transport has valid CMR insurance in case of commodity damage. (Companies who has EU TAX number). The CMR insurance generally pays upto 10 EUR/kg for the damages that the transporter caused. The CMR insurance does not provide sufficient coverage. So that we recommend to ask for special cargo insurence. The cargo insurance valid for an exact cargo and for one transport way. Our company has a contract with the insurance company so we can give You the most suitable price for the cargo insurance.